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Beautiful Videos for Your Hotel, Resort or Vacation Home! 64% of consumers would actually prefer to watch a video to help them make up their mind. Expand Your Personal And Luxury Property Marketing. Tell A Story With Distinctive, Professionally Produced Video.

Real Estate Video, Re-Imagined. FLORIDA REAL ESTATE VIDEO SERVICES is re-engineering how property video and profile video moves an audience. To attract the attention of media saturated consumers, distinguish your marketing with sumptuous HD video images that capture the glamour of your listing. FLORIDA REAL ESTATE VIDEO SERVICES makes video that resonates with you and your clients. We’ll create a customized introduction that conveys your personality and approach – YOUR story- which you can use on the Web, in social networking, smart phones, email -every platform.

Property Videos: Our philosophy is simple: Extraordinary homes deserve beautiful, compelling, artistic HD video to reflect them. FLORIDA REAL ESTATE VIDEO SERVICES knows that there is far more to portray in effective real estate video than static images that don’t move and therefore don’t engage the sophisticated consumer.

Drones, imagination is set free by drone technology. This technology offers not only great aerial views, it offers angles and shots very often impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to take before. Whether you’re an independent film maker, or a production company looking to add this.

Are you ready for your close-up? Realtors in today’s digital marketplace need a professional video profile that serves as a virtual introduction to clients. But not all profiles are created with the same level of skill as FLORIDA REAL ESTATE VIDEO SERVICES. Our years of experience in journalism, production and real estate can help you avoid some common video pitfalls, and ensure that your best self comes through.

Here’s how it works: You tell your story and let us take care of everything else. There is no script to memorize. You’ll be expertly guided through an on camera interview. Based on your pre-interview, our producer will ask questions tailored to reveal your story and what makes you successful; achievements, background, special skills and knowledge. Then we’ll shoot other footage of you in action; hosting an open house, meeting with clients, on the phone, and to expand your story, some personal footage as well. The magic happens in the editing, where it’s all packaged together with your interview, “b-roll” footage, music and graphics. There is no bad or awkward performance, so don’t worry, stumbles or fumbles are edited OUT. Our job is to ensure you look and sound your professional best. And you’ll be so relaxed by the time you get started that you won’t even realize that the camera is there. 

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  • "It is always a pleasure to work with Jeff. He's creative, professional, always meets deadlines and is fun on top of all of that. You can't go wrong hiring Jeff! September 30, 2010"
    Margie Yansura
    Client - Wordsmith Communications